Frank's Basque Family Farm

"Taste the Difference Quality Makes"

Our History

Frank's Basque Family Farm prides itself on being a true family business. For four generations, the Arburuas have been involved in livestock production dating back to 1928, when Frank Arburua Sr. immigrated to California from the Basque Country at the age of seventeen to chase the American Dream. Frank did just that, working his way up from a sheepherder for a large scale producer to eventually earning enough money to begin his own commercial operation.

 Frank Sr. suffered a series of strokes in the midst of his career, forcing him to sell his operation as he could no longer manage daily tasks as he had always done. His son, Frank Arburua Jr., was heartbroken by both the illness of his father and the loss of a future opportunity to take over the business. Six years down the road, Frank Jr.'s uncle, Pete Laborde, passed away unexpectedly, forcing his wife to sell the flock of sheep he was raising at the time. While only twenty years old, Frank Jr. saw this as his only opportunity to enter the sheep industry again. As a result, he passed up his educational venture at California State University Fresno in order to follow his dream of making a career at what he fell in love with as a young teen.

 While Frank Jr. faced many daunting challenges in the early years of his entrepreneurial venture, he was able to persevere and built a reputation as one of the top quality producers in the entire industry. Creatively, Frank and his wife Kim began direct marketing their lamb in 2010 and continue to provide locally grown, naturally raised lamb to the consumer at an affordable rate. With the help of their three sons, Frankie III, Vincente, and Mitch, Frank's Basque Family farm is expanding their flock sustainably and responsibly.

 Frankie III has recently begun raising free range rabbit meat. Rabbit is an alternative to red meat and is a very lean white meat alternative. Watching his parents make a success out of the lamb venture, Frankie aspires for the same type of reputation and success in the livestock production industry.